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(FIC) Seize the Day (PG) (TezuFuji; Goldenpair)

Hi! I’m back! I come bearing fic. First of the two fics that I will post for

jingy5 (since two requests were made), a bit lengthy for my standards hehe. Hope you enjoy.


Title: Seize the Day
TezuFuji; Goldenpair
“Fuji and Eiji in a band, singing to Tezuka and Oishi”
AN: Both songs were written by me... hee~

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Umm. A brief hiatus you probably noticed.. heh

Umm sorry about it but I went to get my student visa at the American embassy, and have been busy with uhh boyfriend stuff ^^ sooo expect me to post the rest of the stories in the middle of next week, if not a little earlier! Sorry for the delay for those expecting the stories!
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Taking TezuFuji Fic requests!

Hi! So turns out I'm in the fic writing mood. So I want to take up to 15 fic requests, it has to be TezuFuji, of course ^__~.

The only  conditions are:
  • It can't be a genderbender, I can't write that well...
  • No ManPreg... I don't think I'll be able to write that.. hehe.
  • The highest rating will be R...
Other than that, the sky's the limit! Just give me a prompt or tell me the setting!
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(FIC)His Essence (TezuFuji) PG-13

Well I haven't done this in a very long time... I got inspiration from Genius 365... I have always wanted to write about that specific chapter. Note: There's a sidefic now: Abyss. You can read it here.

Title: His Essence
AN: Any feedback is appreciated. Ohh I don't own any of the characters ^^.
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Precalculus project

We have been given a precalculus project for this bimester that has 3 problems that we (as in my classmates and myself) cannot tackle. We simply cannot relate what he have seen in class to these 3 particular problems. Our teacher is well known at our school for giving challenging projects, but we all think he went overboard this time. Any help at all is appreciated, please just give the problems a look, a little hint in any of the various parts of a single problem is a lot!            .

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Hi. My computer was stolen and I lost all of my music with it. I was wondering if someone had the Gackt Discography uploaded or atleast some of his songs because I really miss them TT_TT.

I do not have any bribes due to the problem mentioned above. Any help is <3