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(FIC) Smiting Poses (PG) TezuFuji

Title: Smiting Poses (1/?)
Pairing: TezuFuji
Ratings/Warnings: PG. (AU-college). Egyptian Art references, this picture might be helpful employees.oneonta.edu/farberas/arth/Images/109images/egyptian/hierakonpolis_pntg.jpg
AN: I have not written TezuFuji in like...aeons. Let's see how this fares! I love them to pieces so hopefully I still have it in me to write them.

The crowded image was painted on a vivid yellow brick wall and a jumble of red abstract humanoid figures reign

Syusuke Fuji holds his chin, a faint smile on his face disguising any signs of interest.

Being an art major, it is only logical that his core covers Egyptian Art and Archaeology, his professor, a very
pregnant charming lady, is talking excitedly about the funerary painting of the first ever king that-hypothetically-
ruled both upper and lower Egypt. King Menes.

Now, will you kindly draw your attention to this figure on the lower left-corner of the mural? She asks, Fuji does
so, the reddish brown figure is slightly bigger than the rest and is holding a stick of sorts over three bent over naked
figures. Fuji leans forward. Sure, he is taking it for the core, but he has a morbid fascination with Egyptian funerary

"It's a smiting pose, the slightly bigger scale denotes this figure as the king, the club he is holding is also a symbol
of status. Also the naked people are prisoners of war, and this depicts the ongoing belief that the King's duty is to vanquish
chaos and establish order. This pose is very important, it develops, in great detail from the predynastic kingdom-through very
well the end of ancient Egyptian civilization." Fuji wrote this on his notes along with some comments on how the
meticulous order of the register chamber that most people associate with Egyptians is nowhere to be seen it is a
complete and utter jumble.

He draws a tiny sketch of the smiting pose, and smiles, barely listening to his professors enthusiastic speech about fertility
Goddesses and boat symbolism. He smiles to himself thoughtfully. He has a new project.


"How was your day?"

"Great. It's really cold out, right Tezuka-Kun?"

"It is winter. What are you holding. Is that a bucket of paint?"

"Just a new project. Yes, to your second question. Tezuka-kun we've been rommates for a while, you should know I'm art major!"

"You usually dont work with stencils and if you call two years a while, sure."

"Now, Tezuka-kun, being sneaky doesn't suit you! How is that physics lab coming along?"

"Fuji, there's food on the stove."

"Ok, ok."

Fuji grins at Tezuka impishly, he could tell his friend is trying his best to not roll his eyes, just because it conflicts
with his principle. That being that getting annoyed with Fuji, is not productive, if heartburn is not your desired result.

He gets his stencils out, the smiting pose ready to be painted, he walks past Tezuka's room, where the physics major disappeared
to battle with his optics experiment, into the living room, of their shared flat and gets out his brush.


"Fuji, you've been at it for two hours and you haven't eaten--"


"What is that?"

"Why, a smiting pose, you don't like it?"


"OK, Ok, geez".


"So Tezuka, how did the lab go for you?"

"It was hard, but I eventually figured it out. How about you? You told me you were struggling with a paper."

"Yeah I had this essay on Egyptian Art, it was about major evolving themes, only four pages, boats, smiting poses--"

"Oishi, what did you say that class was?"

"Umm. Egyptian art?"

"I'm going to take it next semester."

"Eh? Aren't you done with the arts & skills core?"

"I'll do it for fun."


"Oishi. I have fun."

"So the angle of this white ray.. off this prism yeaaah."

"This has nothing to do with Fuji."


AN: We shall see how this evolves? 


Tags: fic, tezufuji
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